A downloadable Adventure of Samus for Windows


Either me and Inverted Castle Games are not related with Nintendo. All credits go to their respective owners, including me and the team when applicable.

This short game was made as a joke for December 28th, a.k.a Innocents Day, both as a tribute to Metroid and The Legend of Zelda and to have some fun, so this is not meant to continue also for legal reasons. Please if you enjoy the original game series support them.

The game was presented during the joke as game only released in japan and somehow it was some kind of unkown relic until now, since has been 'ported' to modern systems. It's not perfect and it doesn't mean to be, as it tries to replicate some of the limitations of that time (around the end of the 80s). Also there must be a reason why this game wasn't relased world wide, right? Even the controls tried to emulate the NES gamepad.
Hope you enjoy it.

About the game

Not many people know this, even at the Galactic Federation, but Samus had an unoficial secret mission taking place between Metroid and Metroid 2: Return of Samus and wasn't related with Prime. Right after the first defeat of Mother Brain at Zebes and the explosion of Tourian, Ridley managed to escape taking advante of the situation and took some Metroids with himself. As soon as the relentless famous bounty hunter knew that chased him looking for vengeance, but mostly because Samus had a reputation to mantain.

Discover a whole new place in Zebes, this time in never seen in the series top-down with 8 directions movement. Everything with stereo 8 bit sound! Explore, solve some environment puzzles, find the Metroids and fight for vengeance in this never seen before adventure outside of Japan until now. This is also the first time Samus actually speaks in a game!


ActionKeyboardGamepad (Xbox gamepad configuration)
MoveA, W, S, D
Arrow Left, Arrow Up, Arrow Down, Arrow Right 
Left stick
Switch MisileSpaceSelect
Switch MorphballShiftB


Since this game was meant to be a personal project and a joke, there are some fake features, like the main menu with game slots that actually do nothing but starting the game (there are no save rooms). Even if this project is not meant to continue, if you find any game breaking bug feel free to let me know.


Adventure of Samus.zip 52 MB


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Really cool game and idea, wish you were able to take it further. Really like it a lot!

this is a great idea. please continue to develop this. you have amazing potietial as a game designer. i cant belive no one has done this sooner. 7.5/10

Thank you!
We all know how jealous companies use to be when it comes to that, and specially that one. Good news, even considering this and this project is meant to be a funny tribute/joke, there's a little update with a bit of more content and some fixes, bad news, I'm still trying to find a propper doors fx sound and if not I'll have to use make it or use the one from Super Metroid (which sounds different since it's from SNES)

Amazing! You should work on it more and make it an actual game!


Thank you! Unfortunatelly we all know what happens with these kind of projects when they're too big, but a little surprise might come soon :D 

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Nice! I would really like something more from you!


Oh wow, thank you very much for your cheering words.

No problem, have a good day!